University of Minnesota Solidarity Network

Update: The struggle evolves

After meeting Friday afternoon, here’s what’s up with UMN Solidarity.

We’ve chosen to continue to build and to organize, but not to stay around the clock at the Social Sciences tower.  We do plan to be at the social sciences tower in the afternoons next week.  This will include an information table, organizing meetings at 3:30pm on Tuesday and 1:30pm on Friday, and any other events as they are called for.

There’s no shortage of upcoming events we encourage participation in, too.  On Monday, the MN AFL-CIO will lead a rally for jobs, a fair budget and workers rights starting at 5pm from the St. Paul Cathedral and marching to the Capitol.   On Tuesday, the Coffman Second Floor Coalition will hold an assembly to advance their struggle, beginning at 4:30 at the AISCC space in Coffman.  Our friends in the Public Education Justice Alliance of MN, Committee to Stop FBI Repression and other folks will also be holding events next week.

Please keep joining us as we transition into the next phase of the struggle.  Check this site and our facebook page for more reflections and announcements soon.  Solidarity forever!


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